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Wellness Dog Food: Possibly the Best You Can Buy

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Whether you are an experienced breeder or a new puppy owner, puppies have very special and specific needs that must be met from birth.  Chief among these is the need for optimal nutrition. This is where Wellness Dog Food can help.

wellness1During the first few weeks of life, your puppy’s mommy provided nature’s perfect nutrition through her breast milk.  Now, it is your job to continue providing for your puppy’s well-being, both physically and emotionally, by offering your pup the best puppy food for her or his needs.

With so many puppy food brands out in the market, it is a daunting task to select the right one. That was before Wellness came along.  You want to be completely sure when selecting the best puppy food, as it will help increase your puppy’s lifespan and provide the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

How to Select the Wellness Dog Food that’s Right for Your Dog

It is often a challenge to select the best puppy food as different puppy breeds need different nutritional content. There are many food types to choose from, including dry food, semi-moist, tinned food and homemade food. Wellness Dog Food provides the best of all of the above.

Puppies grow at an incredibly fast rate and need a special diet to aid their growth and physical development. We need to select puppy food which has,

  • High protein content
  • High oils and natural fibers
  • Balanced diet of vitamins and minerals
  • Free of artificial coloring and other artificial ingredients


Balanced Diet for Puppies

Many puppy owners make the mistake of over-feeding their young puppies.  They think that if a little is good, a lot must be better.  However, feeding your puppy too much food, too often (or both) can lead to serious health problems.

Over-concentration of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous could lead to bone problems.  And lack of an overall balanced diet can pose health risks for the puppy and inhibit physical growth.

The best puppy food for your puppy is one that not only helps your puppy grow strong and free of health problems, but it also helps them to grow mentally and have good emotional health.


How to feed Puppies

Puppies should be fed around three to four times a day in small cups which helps them to easily digest the food. The best puppy food needs to have a high calorie and protein content to keep their energy levels up and to help them grow healthy and hearty.

After around 6 months you can start feeding the dog twice a day with bigger meals and, if your puppy has been on moist food, this would be a good time to begin mixing in solid food which would help them greatly at this developmental stage.  There is a Wellness Dog Food for every stage of your pup’s life.


In Closing…

Puppies grow to be an important part of the family. You need to make sure they are taken care and always provide the right nutrition to help them grow. Your puppy might not understand what your thoughtful choices about his or her food means, but you can rest easier knowing that you have made the choice to give your puppy the best puppy food for a happy, healthy fun-filled life.


~And Remember… A puppy’s love is unconditional, but strive to earn it anyway.~