Selecting a Quality Dry Puppy Food

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend.  Just like a person takes care of their own children, a puppy owner needs to take care of the puppy as if it were a child. For many, their dogs are full-fledged members of the family.

For puppy’s optimal developmendoglookingatcamerat, it is very important to use great care when choosing a quality dry puppy food. It is important that the food contains all the necessary nutrients so that the puppy grows to be healthy and happy. There is a wide variety of pupp foods available in the market—both wet and dry.

A dog owner needs to make the choice carefully. The best dry puppy foods are manufactured to exacting standards by manufacturers that keep in mind the health, growth and developmental needs of growing pups. Giving such food to our puppies will ensure excellent milestones and happy pets.

Dry Puppy Food: What is it?

Dry puppy food is basically in the form of kibble mix and it is readily available. Since dog food varieties have grown considerably, it is very important to make a careful choice. Sometimes, a food option may lack necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for all-around development of puppies. Thus nutritional value and content must always be checked.

Some of the top brands offering the best dry dog foods are Back to Basics Dog Food, Canidae Grain Free Pure, Science Diet, Royal Canin and Blue Buffalo. All these leading companies offer dry food for dogs formulated with all of the necessary nutritional aspects.

Benefits of Dry Food:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Digestibility
  • Convenience


Figuring Out Your Puppy’s Tastesdogonfloor

Just like humans, puppies are also picky about taste. They may like some foods but abhor some others. With time, a puppy owner comes to understand which foods are liked by his dog and which he avoids.

Once your pup’s tastes are known, you can offer the food of choice to your puppy, ensuring better health because the pup will actually eat the food.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Although not on most puppy owners’ minds, the condition of your puppy’s feeding area is very important.  Animals tend not to enjoy eating (or sleeping for that matter), in a dirty area.  They will eat, because of instinct, but they might not enjoy the meal.  So, it is very important to take care of factors like hygiene and cleanliness.

If your puppy will be eating outdoors, it is important that feeding time is a structured event.  This will mean putting the food down and then taking the bowls back up at certain times.  This will help avoid mosquitoes and other insects landing and nesting in the food, which could lead to various diseases.

In Closing

Dry food is an excellent choice for most puppies.  When cost, digestibility and convenience are in question, dry food comes out on top.  But, as always, talk to your vet to make sure that the food you have chosen is the best for your puppy.


~And remember…. A puppy’s love is unconditional, but strive to earn it anyway.~